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Washer and Sterilizer : Medical

Highly reliable equipment supported by many years of expertise.

Sakura products, notably a large-type sterilizer which holds an overwhelming domestic market share, have earned an excellent reputation among users for quality and reliability supported by years of technical know-how.


Sakura Ultrasonic Washer with Jet: “WUS-3100 Series”

Sakura Lumen Instrument Washer: “TUS-250”


Sakura Steam Sterilizers:
“VS Series”

Sakura Steam Sterilizer:

Sakura EO Gas Sterilizer
Cartridge type: “EC II-B”

Sakura Steam Sterilizer with Built-in Steam Cell:

Introducing SCS-B2600 − the hybrid system comprised of a “Steam Cell ®” heat regenerative steam generator, RO water generator and Sakura steam sterilizer − all unitized. SCS-B2600 enables steam sterilization with water and electrical supply only.

System Software

Sakura Sterilizer Management System: “∑i-NTS”


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